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The OffenderWatch® Initiative (OWI)
The OffenderWatch® Initiative is the only national organization whose mission is to increase public awareness of registered sex offenders through grass-roots efforts of education, community awareness, and increased government interaction. OWI supports legislation such as Megan’s Law, the Jessica Lunsford Act, the Adam Walsh Act, and future legislation to prevent future victimization.

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In response to law enforcement agencies seeking a more expanded approach to meeting community notification inquiries, OWI provides a direct mail notification service to assist law enforcement, probation, and parole officers. In 2008 OWI mailed over 4 million community notification postcards nationwide, alerting citizens of sex offenders living in their neighborhoods. The postcards include sex offenders name, address, scars, tattoos, gender, race, hair, eyes, age, weight, and conviction code. This is the only service of this kind in the country.


The OffenderWatch® Initiative (OWI) was founded in response to requests for assistance by law enforcement agencies who wanted to provide active direct mail notification. OWI helps state and local law enforcement and parole officers in establishing sex offender registration, verification, and automatic notification programs.

News / Media
News and media features relating to the efforts of The OffenderWatch® Initiative.

The Offenderwatch Initiative is proud to work with various partners in providing quality information regarding sexual predator laws and resources.

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Protecting Children
Facts, statistics and information for families and concerned citizens.

Promoting Legislation
OWI is actively involved in amending legislation to support more proactive and broad based community notification. Law enforcement agencies are required by law to make sex offender registration available for public record but do not have to actively notify the public. The Wetterling Act and Megan's Law do not require active community notification only its passive release, meaning that sex offender information is only available to those who register to receive notification. Several states have extended the federal minimum passive release requirement to mandate some form of active community notification. OWI supports legislation that provides online public access to sex offender registrations, as well as proactively notifying the community through mail, media, and educational programs of where the sex offenders are living and working

Law Enforcement
The OffenderWatch® Initiative (OWI) is a nonprofit corporation that promotes reliable information to the public concerning sexual offenders living in their community. We provide information, training and support to enable state and local law enforcement agencies to develop effective sex offender education programs to support Megan’s Law and the Adam Walsh Act.

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Photo Gallery
Our photo gallery displays images from various local, state and national events in which we participate and the people who help to make our program a success.

Safety Tips
Download and / or print our online safety tips fliers (.pdf) about school safety, family safety, internet safety and many other topics important to the protection of your family.  These fliers are great to share with school groups, church and civic organizations, home owner's groups and more.

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